Bản cập nhật tháng 4/2011 của UDK

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Bản cập nhật tháng 4/2011 của UDK

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Link download: http://udk.com/download (1.3GB)

Epic Games Releases April 2011 Unreal Development Kit Beta

News from Epic Games - April 2011 UDK Beta released
April 11, 2011 – Epic Games, Inc. has released the April 2011 UDK Beta, the latest version of the Unreal Development Kit (UDK), the free edition of Unreal Engine 3 that provides access to the award-winning toolset used in blockbuster video games, 3D visualizations, digital films and more.

Epic is committed to providing the UDK community with regular software releases at no charge, and the latest beta is available now at www.udk.com/download.

UDK projects can be promoted to the community in the Works in Progress forum and the Released Projects forum.

It’s easy to sign up as a commercial UDK developer online. Have questions? Check out our FAQ.
April Beta Upgrade Notes

Unreal Editor

* Unreal Content Browser now has an option to generate private collections containing the resources a specific asset references.

Generate Resource Collection

* You can now look at an object against a character using the ‘preview player height’ preview feature ("\" key). This enables users to visualize a predefined mesh in a level without having to add it to the world.

Preview Player Height

* Organize your favorite properties any way you want using the up and down arrows.

Organize Favorites

* It is now possible to view each channel individually in the texture viewer.

Texture Preview

* There are new buttons to toggle desaturation and the checkerboard pattern for transparent textures.
* Previewer padding is now adjustable as well.

Unreal Cascade

* The new particle collision module, CollisionActor, lets you pick specific actors to collide against.
* A new option to particle ‘LocationSkelVertSurface’ module allows for optionally specifying materials that limit spawning.
* A new option enables converting particle modules to their seeded equivalents if available.
* Cascade now has an optional display of approximate memory the particle system will use.

Particle Data
+ ‘Template’ is the memory the particle system template uses.
+ Instance’ is the memory each particle system instance uses.

Unreal Matinee

* Matinee has a new preset group for lighting. Adding a new lighting group adds tracks for movement, brightness, color and radius.
* A new ‘Move to end of track’ option moves the timeline to the end of the currently selected track.
* The AI Group in Matinee has been fixed so that no custom animation can overwrite current Matinee-driven animation.

Unreal Kismet

* New keyboard shortcuts for are now available for Kismet.
o ‘Ctrl-Shift-A’ selects matching actions and variables of the current selection within the active sequence.
o ‘Ctrl-A’ selects all sequence objects within the active sequence.
* The Kismet level sequences browser should no longer constantly close itself.
* When making a new comment box around a selection, the size of the box now fits properly around the selection.

Unreal Landscape

* Added ‘Flatten’ tool to the Landscape Editor.
* Landscape now has DX11 support!

Autodesk FBX

* Static meshes can be exported to FBX via Unreal Content Browser (vertex colors and UVs are exported as well).
* Whole levels or selected actors, including BSP, can be exported to FBX with world position.
* Fixed not being able to export lightmaps as FBX via the static mesh editor.
* Material auto-assignment now works for material instance constants.

Other Improvements

* Drag and drop of materials with multiple static meshes selected now applies the material to all selected meshes.
* Floating viewport configurations are now saved between editor sessions.
* Better undo and redo support has been added to the Sound Cue Editor.
* Custom triangle sorting information should now be retained when re-importing a skeletal mesh.
* The ‘SkinXX’ syntax for material order should now work correctly for meshes.
* When using mesh paint, paint and erase should now influence the same vertices.
* Importing a mesh over another one no longer erases material assignments.
* There is new a ‘Copy to clipboard’ option in the materials section of the actor right-click menu.
* ‘Brush edges’ is easier to select in the perspective viewport while in geometry mode.
* UDK has been updated to FaceFX version
* You can now toggle SSAO and visualize SSAO from the editor, as well as by using the 'show' console command.
* There are new ‘Snap Constraint To Bone’ and ‘Snap All Constraints To Bone’ buttons in UnrealPhAT Editor Rendering.

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